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Can’t Work During College? Do This To Earn Income While You Study

Earning income in college can be tough when your schedule is overloaded with classes. Thanks to various side gigs, though, you can make money without having to go to a time-consuming job.

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Side Gigs for College Students

While you’re in college, you want to concentrate on your studies. Classes and books don’t come cheap, so the last thing you need is something else eating up your focus while your loans pile up.

What do many college students do for income when they can’t work? They use loans and credit cards to pay expenses, which can leave you with a mound of debt when you graduate.

Instead of using other people’s money to pay your student bills, here are some ways to make cash that can fit comfortably within your schedule:

Babysit for bucks

Provided the kids are occupied and on their best behavior, you can study while you babysit and add bucks to your bank account. 

Your friends and family members probably know of personal contacts who could use a babysitter. If not, you can find babysitting opportunities via

Once you create a profile on the site, you can connect with parents looking for people to watch their children.

How much can you make through the site? That depends on your city, but according to their 2018 Cost of Care Survey, the average is $16.20 per hour.

Care for other people’s pets

If you’re not a huge fan of kids but love pets, you can become a pet sitter via as well. 

While the pay may not be as high as babysitting, caring for cats, dogs, and other little creatures could be more conducive when it comes to study time.

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Sell your social media pics

Do you find yourself constantly snapping selfies? Instead of just uploading them for likes and comments, you can turn them into cash via the Foap app.

Brands and agencies always need content to market their products, and that’s where you can step in to save the day.

For every picture or video that sells, you split the profits 50/50. Best of all, each piece of content you upload can be sold multiple times, which could lead to a nice passive income.

Become an Amazon Flex partner

Delivering pizzas for a big chain requires a set schedule. Delivering for Amazon, however, lets you set a schedule that won’t conflict with your classes.

Amazon Flex is a new opportunity that’s slowly rolling out to several major cities like Boston, Philadelphia, and Seattle. Drive for them, and you’ll deliver products from Prime Now,, Amazon Restaurants, and AmazonFresh.

Provided you have a vehicle, you can make $18 to $25 per hour with Flex, which is more than most jobs you’ll find for college students.

Flip textbooks for profit

If you’re a student, you know how much textbooks can cost. Instead of solely being a textbook consumer, however, you can become a seller too and pocket any profits.

BookScouter is a site that buys and sells textbooks. You can look up books on the website via their ISBN to see what they’re selling for. Then you can go to a site like eBay to find the book, sell it to BookScouter, and keep the difference.

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