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Get Free Stuff For Kids On Their Birthday By Going Here

The more free stuff for kids you can find, the better. Go to these places on their birthday, and you’ll hardly pay a thing.

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Whether you have one child or several, birthday expenses can provide a big blow to your monthly budget. The last thing you want to do is ruin your child’s birthday by telling them they can’t celebrate, however, since there’s not enough money.

Luckily, you don’t need loads of money to celebrate children’s birthdays if you get creative. There are plenty of places that keep kids in mind on their special day, and they ensure they can enjoy the day with free food and other gifts.

We’ll reveal those places now, but remember to sign up for any birthday clubs in advance. Some may not let you sign up the same day as the birthday, so keep this in mind.


Before planning any food or other festivities, you want to ensure your child gets a gift on their birthday. Thanks to Build-A-Bear, you won’t have to sweat this responsibility.

Join the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club, and you’ll be able to buy a bear at an extremely low cost. How low? One dollar per year of your child’s age. So if they’re turning four, that birthday treat bear will cost only $4.

This Count Your Candles offer is good in-stores only. You’ll have to be a member of the Bonus Club, though, so don’t forget to join first via the link above. It’s free and simple to do.

Medieval Times

With the gift out of the way, now’s the time to plan the festivities. If you live close to one of Medieval Times’ 10 castles, your child can get a free ticket on their birthday.

Sign up to the Birthday Club to enjoy this offer, and you and your child will experience tons of fun at this one of a kind venue.

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Beyond a gift and festivities, you’ll need to plan on a place to eat. Zaxby’s has plenty of food kids love, and you can get Kidz Meal for free on their birthday.

All you have to do to receive this offer is sign up for the Zax Kidz Club. Your child will have to be 10 and under to qualify.

Barnes & Noble

Does your child love to read? Taking them to Barnes & Noble could be considered fun for their birthday, and it could also be free.

This bookstore chain offers free stuff for kids in the form of a complimentary cupcake from the café on their birthday. Join the Barnes & Noble Kids’ Club to be eligible.

Beyond the sweet treat, joining the Kids’ Club can help you pick up a discounted gift while you’re there. You’ll get 30 percent off one kids’ book or toy as soon as you join.

Ruby Tuesday

While this restaurant chain will get your child a free dessert on their birthday, that’s not the only day you should visit. Since kids under 10 eat free every Tuesday, you may be showing up at Ruby Tuesday quite often.

To get even more deals out of the restaurant, sign up for their So Connected program.

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